Our partner company Energy Management Services Inc. is a leading North American provider of energy consulting and management services to small, medium and large commercial, educational, and hospitality energy users.

Find them on the web at: www.energymanagement-us.com

Electric and Natural Gas Consulting:

Energy Management applies its expertise and intellectual knowledge to the electric and natural gas procurement process for a wide range of business types. We help clients navigate rapidly changing market conditions to take advantage of shifting supply opportunities and to manage their gas and electric needs from supplier point to customer. Energy Management Services Inc is an Illinois Commerce Commission certified Agent-Broker-Consultant.

What does Energy Management Services offer?

Our services transcend those of conventional energy consultants and include:

  • Professional analysis of current energy costs
  • Consolidated energy procurement and management
  • Utility and Supplier contract negotiations
  • Energy audits and compliance monitoring
  • Corporate hedging strategy and execution
  • Regulatory and legislative monitoring
  • Consolidated energy procurement and management