Every business requires different equipment configurations and voice service plans to optimize communications. Dialtone gives you the ability to choose from a wide variety of local and long distance services while also recommending an array of feature rich VoIP telephone equipment that are scalable, secure and cost effective.

    Used for PBX applications to include features like caller id name and number, DIDs, failsafe routing, Remote call forward, Toll Free, National 411 Directory Assistance. Dynamic PRI services integrates voice and internet bandwidth over same trunks to effectively utilize bandwidth to its fullest capacity.
  • Nationwide POTS Line Aggregation
    For multi-location businesses that wish to receive greater discounts and consolidated “single one stop shop billing and service” for all POTS lines within the United States.
  • Hosted VoIP Telephones with Unlimited Calling:
    The newest innovation in telephone technology is VoIP (Voice over Internet). The many benefits of VoIP include: Free unlimited nationwide calling, your existing phone numbers can be re-located anywhere in the world, simultaneous ringing of multiple phones ie cell phones, remote offices, other users etc…Call forwarding, Desk phone voicemails sent via email attachment to your smartphone for listening, different auto attendants for owners different businesses.
  • Audio and Web Conferencing:
    Choose from a full suite of carrier conference options for effective communications between multiple groups in a matter of minutes anytime anywhere.