Company Overview:

Dialtone Management works as an independent agent for many suppliers of telephone, internet, data and energy services. We provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise needed to stabilize and save on one’s everyday business recurring expenses. For most small to medium sized businesses with limited staffs, the time needed to be spent and costs required is typically too great for the owner to acquire our level of industry experience and savvy. For larger businesses, Dialtone’s aggregated purchasing power and negotiating expertise will provide immediate impact to the bottom line on monthly cost expenditures.

Telecom Management:

Dialtone originally built its business around telecommunications expense management for the small to large commercial client. We provide our client with the knowledge, ideas and concepts that make these critical business telephone line and equipment decisions easier to understand for the typical owner or purchasing manager. Dialtone will first interview a client to better understand their equipment and communication needs and then make recommendations based on its findings. Since we have been a telecom agent for many years, we have come to understand what’s best for the client and how to maximize the needed telephone features while minimizing monthly cost expenditures.

Data - Internet Bandwidth Management:

With the transition from a telephone based world to a high speed data based world, Dialtone has evolved into a professional data management company. We provide our clients with the network and integration of all data along with new ideas such as High Speed Internet bandwidth, Integrated Voice and Data (Dynamic T1’s), MPLS and Hosted VoIP solutions. We can construct a client network to make it operate faster and more efficiently while reducing the monthly operating costs. Dialtone offers a client many choices to build a customized network including T1 /T3 based Internet, cable Internet, Ethernet Internet Access, MPLS networks, disaster recovery solutions as well as local WAN/PC/Router management.

Energy Management:

The recent de-regulation of electric and natural gas in many states offered the owners of Dialtone an opportunity to successfully (bridge/extend) its expertise into energy management. Our customers asked us to assist them with their “New Choices” on electric and natural gas suppliers and thus we formulated a partner company called Energy Management Services Inc. Since 2007, we have been intuitively managing and brokering many of our current telecom client’s energy expenses.

Our website for Energy Management Services can be viewed at link below: